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About Us

“Our mission at Alpha One Technology is to invent a better a life for all” 

We do this through creative & affordable software innovation in computer vision.

Why Alpha One Technology?

Solution Driven

Our focus is simplicity, and hence our solutions are designed affordable. We partner with global market leaders; and offer the best tech available today.

Globally proven

We utilise a robust and globally proven source code



Our solutions are flexible and fully customisable.


User Experience

While advanced, we design technology for humans.


We design for today, whilst thinking of 5G tomorrow

About Us

Our Clients

How This Technology Works

Computer Vision

Computer vision works in a similar way to the brain. It relies on a network of neurons derived from automatic learning techniques as well as solid foundational training. The training involves providing the computer with a visual database that has been annotated. In much the same way as you would train a child using flashcards of images with annotations. Thereafter, the future processing happens in 2 simple steps. Firstly, the image post training is acquired through video or photo. Secondly, the object is identified or classified as per the training. There is often a third step whereby there is an action programmed in association with the image classification or recognition, such signal an alarm, or open the door, or save file as. This is in its simplest form, although the number of actions and image classifications can be complex and multi-layered as in the case of self driving cars.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Brand

Our Mission

“Our mission at Alpha One Technology is to invent a better a life for all.”

We do this through creative & affordable software innovation in computer vision. We believe there are massive benefits for employees, customers, consumers and business associated with the implementation of creative computer vision solutions. Some of these benefits include better health & wellness, increased manufacturing efficiencies, better customer engagement, increased safety standards, fraud reduction and so much more.

The Alpha One Technology team consists of an in-house blend of software engineers, creatives and global leading technology partners. Together we are all able to provide our customers with creative solutions that are often first in market. Our solutions are also of an enterprise grade quality, and with market leading technology.

Our Vision

“To create local growth by supplying the world with African trained computer vision products” Most of our products at Alpha One Technology are already developed or assembled in South Africa. It is our vision to train AI and assemble plug and play solutions in semi-urban areas. Touching lives across our value chain. We believe the future definition and skills required for employment will change. This change will be driven by the rise in automation and artificial intelligence.

It is also part of our vision to lead this global change from Africa. In doing this, we will help address the unemployment gap to global markets. It will also help give Africa a first mover advantage and strategic head start to the colourful future. The journey for this shift has already begun. This is evident in the fact that 25% of the Fortune top 50 companies already trust African trained artificial intelligence partners. This change initiative is being led by Kenya. We aim to accelerate the shift that has already begun.

Our Values

Alpha One Technology will always trail blaze. We set the benchmark for others to follow. If you are looking to do what has already been done; we are not the family for you. We therefore offer our clients a first mover advantage versus their competition.

  • Boldness
  • Honesty
  • Simplicity Safety
  • Inventiveness


At Alpha One Technology we help start your journey. Whilst our solutions do not require 5G for computer vision to work, it will set the foundation for much more to come within the 5G computer vision world.