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At Alpha One Technology we help start your journey. Whilst our solutions do not require 5G for computer vision to work, it will set the foundation for much more to come within the 5G computer vision world.

Alpha One Technology

What You Get

Once you install your first AI unit; host your first facial/number-plate recognition event; or purchase your first VR headset asset; the number of future applications & analytics becomes endless

MoneyBack Guarentee

We offer a MoneyBack guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.


After-sales support

We provide clients with after-sales support and upgrades (remotely)


Future Integrations

Integration with future 5G apps and solutions (on request)

Computer Visions

Common Applications

Some of the common applications of Computer Vision in South Africa include:

  • Object detection & recognition from video or photo
  • Distance and depth measurements from video or photo
  • Object counting from video or photo
  • Object tracking from video
  • Temperature measurements from video or photo
  • Object variations from sample photo
  • Object manipulation from video or photo

We do the computer training for you; and a whole lot more. And we do it at an enterprise grade level.

Alpha One Technology

Our Solutions

Off-the-shelf services

Off-the-shelf kits are ready made to plug and play and include cameras, processors and pre-installed plug and play software. Call us to pilot or test a unit, and open up further future possibilities. Start building your 5G computer vision foundation with our off the shelf products. We design and package our own off the shelf the products, as well as resell global leading off the shelf products. Some of our off the shelf products include, Mask detection, facial recognition access control, fever screening, hard-hat detection and people density counter.

Building brands in 4.0

We also offer our services in helping you use 5G and computer vision to better connect with your consumers and customers. Whilst we do not get involved in heavy infrastructure work like SAP, staff payment solutions, 5G towers etc. We are experts in creative and affordable use of existing infrastructures. Blockchain based browser advertising, facial recognition customer engagement & event registration. Virtual reality brand experiences & transparent LED billboard advertising. This tech is already available in 4G. Are you ready for 5G and computer vision?

Customized Services

We offer our services to customise solutions based on your individual business needs. We can develop software for you from the ground up, or add additional functionality to our off the shelf products. All our solutions can be integrated with existing and legacy platforms that you may already have operational in your business. Once you install the AI brain in your business, 5G will provide the bandwidth for unlimited future possibilities. Note that our products do not require 5G to work. 5G will however open up many more possibilities at rapid pace in computer vision. Get ahead of your competition. Start with your 5G computer vision journey today.

    Start-up business Services

    Start-ups generally have the advantage of starting from a new slate of technology. For example, if you are installing standard IP cameras for surveillance on your new premises, start with the end in mind. Lay the foundation for an artificial intelligence framework. It is more affordable than you may realise. As we are also a start-up, we understand you. We will therefore install some our new product tech lines as a pilot test for you at free or discounted pricing. If you find it useful (and you will), you can purchase it at a later stage. We also offer free consulting services for building your business with 5G computer vision (terms & conditions apply)

    Installation & Training Services

    If you already have an IT team infrastructure, or an existing installer that services your business, we will work with them to ensure they have all the information required for a smooth and successful set up. Our solutions are simple, and plug into you existing systems. We do not replace your existing systems. We also provide services to train your staff, should that be a requirement. We have many information guides and videos on the use of our products. And in the event that you do have a complex set-up, we have access to our global network of suppliers and partners to assist.

    Software as a Service (SAAS)

    Whilst all our solutions are extremely affordable if you already have an IP camera infrastructure set-up; often CAPEX availability and cash flow is a common constraint in todays world. We also offer many of our solutions as a SAAS model. This is one of the fastest growing commercial models globally. You don’t pay for the development costs of the software, and rather pay to rent the solution on a monthly basis on a subscription basis. Implement facial recognition, licence plate recognition, parking management solutions, and many other products for minimal monthly costs, and get upgrades free.

      Innovations for The Ever-Changing World

      Object detection, recognition, tracking, manipulation and more!